My name is Larry and I have been extracting money from the internet for 7+ years now. Some of my successful niches are in dating sites, online eBook sales, online eReport sales and membership sites.

I prefer not to disclose most of my sites as I don’t want my little niches to become over run, but I do occasionally disclose. I will disclose a few in some of my posts for the sake of teaching others how to find niches, and profit from them and the only way to show that is to disclose a profitable niche that I have built up.

I do use several methods for the ways I market within my niches, and I advertise those methods on my right side bar, so if you want to know what methods or theories I use, they are there in plain site for all to see and buy form the people I bought them from.

I don’t try to re-invent the wheel, I just use other peoples wheels that they made and profit from them. why waste time when I can use their wheel and go? Right?


Anyway if you have any questions for me I am always willing to answer, just use the contact form up top. Have a great day!


Larry C.

Death Valley Dunes, The week of July 4th, 115 degrees

Death Valley Dunes, The week of July 4th, 115 degrees