The book “The Big Moo“, by not only Seth Godin, but 33 other successful business people, including Mark Cuban, Dave Balter, Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters, and Guy Kawasaki, is a compilation of shorts that tell how people have made their little businesses, remarkable. Godin’s previous book, “Purple Cow“, talks about being a standout Purple Cow […]

I finished the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill a few weeks ago, rather the audio version of it, and almost immediately thought of The Secret. Although I have never read The Secret, or watched a movie about it, I did see an info movie about it, a while back, and thought to […]

After reading the 4 Hour Work Week I decided to check into the other books he put in the “Restricted Reading” section. The restricted reading is going on a low information diet to help quiet the head and make life a little more sane. I have indulged in some of his advices such as limiting […]