The Big Moo by the Group of 33, and Seth Godin


The book “The Big Moo“, by not only Seth Godin, but 33 other successful business people, including Mark Cuban, Dave Balter, Malcolm Gladwell, Tom Peters, and Guy Kawasaki, is a compilation of shorts that tell how people have made their little businesses, remarkable.

Godin’s previous book, “Purple Cow“, talks about being a standout Purple Cow in a crowded field of brown cows. Sometimes you need a Big Moo, to go beyond and become remarkable. Easily remarked about, in other words.

So extraordinary people want to remark about it.

Purple Cow talks about standing out in a field of Brown Cows, but The Big Moo talks about how to get people to remark on your business. Essential to becoming viral in a sea of ordinary and sometimes flooded landscape.

Godin talks about how the product is what people think it is or what they want it to be, case in point the Italian Shop keeper who came to America, to sell his wares. The customers would look at the six pack of drinking glasses and put them back, then walk over to the single bud vases, also look and put them back and not buy.

One day he watched one of his customers and asked them how they liked the store, and they remarked ” I don’t understand why you are selling your bud vases in six packs, when I would only use maybe 2 or 3 of them,” and ” I would really like to buy some of those drinking glasses, but I would rather buy them in a six pack instead of individually.”

The Bud Vases here in America, were actually drinking glasses in Italy, and the Bud vases in Italy, were translated as drinking glasses in Americas big thirst for more and bigger. The product is what the customer wants it to be.

The Big Moo, is a great fast read, or listen if you download the audio version, and I highly recommend it, if you are an Internet entrepreneur. It will open your eyes to looking at things and thinking about things, in a different light.

Bob wears pantyhose.

Bob worked for Legg’s and so did several other men and they too wore pantyhose. They just couldn’t grasp how an improved cotton panel would be beneficial, because of their Male Appendage. One of the Legg’s company marketers, however, was in touch with his family and friends, the females in his life who did wear pantyhose and talked to them about what they wanted, needed and how to improve the Legg’s line. The company marketer always made a better impression than the guys who wore pantyhose.

Why? Because he talked to the customers and not just the person in the mirror. Therefore he was remarkable and so was the Legg’s line of Pantyhose.

If you want a fast read and an eye opener, then I highly suggest getting The Big Moo by the group of 33, and Seth Godin.

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    This is interesting. I’m seriously considering checking it out.
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