No More Google – For Me

I no longer use Google as my search engine. They’ve ruined online businesses that help support peoples families, thereby sending parents of children scrambling to find work, or other ways of supporting their families and this being in a BAD economy. Legitimate businesses who have nothing wrong with their websites, cannot be found on Google right now because of Google’s latest update. Try it yourself. At least do a few searches and see. Yeah, they’ve pretty much wrecked my online businesses (several dating sites) that were supporting my family, paying for my health insurance, paying for the food we eat on our table, our gas and electric bill and many other bills as well as birthday presents, Halloween costumes and Christmas presents. I have Google to thank, for both making... [Read more]

Hiring a Virtual Assistant and Clearing the Plate

What is a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant is usually a self-employed professional that provides administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office. Hiring a Virtual Assistant and Why? Back in June 2011 I hired my first VA through oDesk. Like many people out there thinking about hiring a VA I had some fear about hiring someone I didn’t know, let alone hiring someone for the first time. I was worried about relinquishing that control over the work I do. Worried that it wouldn’t get done, or wouldn’t get done the way I wanted it done or as good as I would do it myself. Sound familiar? I have to tell you it was the best thing I’ve done for myself since I started doing niche sites and oDesk helped to eliminate that fear. I’ll... [Read more]

How To Form An LLC and Get your Amazon Associates Account Reinstated

On June 29th I got the dreaded Amazon letter that told all California Associates they were canceled in the Amazon Associates Program. Many people were devastated and didn’t know what to do, some where scrambling to get a P.O. Box and try to get their accounts reinstated, but you can’t use a P.O. Boxes for some business needs such as getting a bank account. Amazon Associates Cancellation Letter I used a company called InCorp to get my LLC set up so I could get my Amazon Associates account reinstated. This is how you can form an LLC and get your Amazon Associates account reinstated and this is how I did it. It’s super easy, it takes just 1-2 days to set up. The best part about it is the money you should have made while your account was non-active, you will see it as soon as... [Read more]

The Real Life Struggles Of An Online Entrepreneur

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, and there are several reasons why, which I will go into. Let me first explain a little about this post and the reason for posting it. I’ve been blogging on here for a while now relating my successes and struggles. I also read many other blogs on success, making money online, personal improvement and the location independent lifestyle. One thing I have noticed about most, if not all, is the lack of struggles that happen. I don’t read much about the struggles and hardships they go through and many write about how everything seems peachy and rosy. I’m not here to bitch and complain, but I think people should see or hear what some of us go through, because it isn’t all peaches and cream in the life of a successful blogger/online... [Read more]

10 Ways To Monetize a Forum

I was asked in one of the comments on a post here, about monetizing a forum. Good question. The person who asked the question has a forum and felt like it was easier to monetize a blog than a forum and was curious what the experts said. Since I run several forums as well and need to monetize them too, I thought I’d research the topic and document my finding for everyone else to benefit from. Since forums are sometimes the place I find answers to questions I have I thought that they would be a great place start. Then read some specific posts about monetizing a forum, and then try a few of the ways myself. Forums are great for generating content and traffic as people contribute answers to problems, ask questions about problems and discuss findings too. As you know The Big G(Google) likes... [Read more]

Dan Andrews @ Lifestyle Business Podcast – Podcast Interview #4

Hey folks, I had the awesome opportunity to meet up  with Dan Andrews from The Lifestyle Business Podcast, The Tropical MBA and Outsource to the Philippines at a local coffee shop here in San Diego and get to know the man behind these three sites. For me Dan Andrews and his partner Ian were somewhat of a mystery. They talked about business pursuits and strategies, have good content, are entertaining, but never said what exactly they make or do. I finally got to find out at the coffee shop and demystify the mystery. Not only did Dan tell me some of the industries they have their hands in, but the exact products they manufacture and sell. Dan and his partner Ian are no longer the mystery they used to be, they are THE REAL DEAL. They don’t talk lifestyle theory and try to sell you some... [Read more]

Google Search Results Are Skewed – How To Get Real Search Results

How To Get Rid of Google Personalized Search Many people may already know that Google personalizes search results based on your search and browse patterns, but I didn’t realize how it affected me and my business until just recently.  When I thought my websites were climbing in the ranks to page 1 of Google they really weren’t on page 1, they were more on page 2 or 3. Google is using what is commonly know as Personalized Search. This changes the search results based on the websites you’ve previously visited. While this might be  great in some instances, it’s very misleading in others and can hurt your web based internet business and keep you from really attaining the #1 position in Google if you’re not careful. Because I visit my websites more than other websites... [Read more]

Amazon Trademark Infringement, Ooopsss…

It’s been a little over 2 months since I posted last, in fact December 6th was the last post. I had been busy making sites and getting them indexed for the rush of Christmas traffic, and just got caught up in the whirl wind of excitement. LOTS of things happenin’g and happened since then, one of which I am not too happy about, Trademark Infringement. Yep, that’s right, I infringed on someone’s trademark, Amazon.Com. Ooopsss… Basically it’s been a while since I had read the Amazon OA(Operating Agreement), and didn’t realize that I built a website that would eventually have them contacting me about. Thou Shalt Not use any of Amazon’s trademarked names(Amazon, Kindle,Etc.) in a domain name/URL. Two that I had and were running were [Read more]

Making Money on Christmas with Affiliate Sales Through Amazon

I haven’t posted in 2 weeks, and I apologize, I’ve been busy making sites and making money through Amazon affiliate sales. Ever since I posted about Niche Profit Course and ReviewAzon, I’ve been very busy building new sites, article marketing, posting reviews, and making LOTS of money. Well, lot’s of money to me, considering what I was making before. I started using ReviewAzon, and streamlined my WordPress Installations(I’ll talk about this in another post), I’ve been able to build and post to about 2-3 new sites per week. This means I upload my WordPress files and theme files to the web server, configure it, and then start posting to the site for content, and completing a site in just under 1.5 days each. It takes about 3 days to 7 days to get a site indexed... [Read more]

Income Report for August 2010, Niche Profit Course and ReviewAzon

I’ve been rather busy lately, putting out some niche sites, because it’s the Holiday Season and people are Buying like crazy! Great time to have an amazon powered Niche Site, pulling in sale after sale. I also recently listened to a great podcast over at Smart Passive Income with Chris Guthrie, Author of Niche Profit Course. You can read how Chris got his start at making money online at his site He posted one little video he made about the game called HALO, and having it go viral. Pretty cool story. I downloaded his Free Guide, and then ended up getting his complete course which is basically his free guide and then a bunch of videos going over each step, but then some secrets to making large sales and continued sales. This is a great product which... [Read more]

Steve Chou’s Wife Quit Her Job – Podcast Interview #3

I came across Steve Chou’s website, which is all about starting and running an eCommerce store on the internet. I was very interested in this site as it went through the steps and ups and downs of running an online store. Having read Timothy Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week, I have dreams of running an online store which I can outsource all the work. Steve and his wife make a nice 6 figure income with this store, and they started it so Steve’s wife could stay at home and raise their children. Steve’s wife had said, “When I get pregnant, I’m quitting my job”. With that in mind they had to find a way of replacing her 6 figure income in the Silicon Valley. They make a nice tidy income from their store, which specializes... [Read more]

Micro Niche Site Challenge – Update #4

Well, I’ve not put too much work into my site for I realized a little way into the building of the site, there may not be enough traffic to sustain it, or even put more effort into it. Not many people realize that Kettlebell Training originated in Russia, nor do many people search for “Russian Kettlebell Training”. So I’ve not put much effort into it. I rank for some off keywords and number 19 for Russian Kettlebell Training, and that’s it. I’ve actually been working on some other sites that I am hoping will get ranked soon, they’re big commission products and there’s not many people working them, their under served. Another thing about the site is I don’t think the template I’m using is conducive for... [Read more]