Steve Chou’s Wife Quit Her Job – Podcast Interview #3


I came across Steve Chou’s website, which is all about starting and running an eCommerce store on the internet. I was very interested in this site as it went through the steps and ups and downs of running an online store. Having read Timothy Ferris’ 4 Hour Work Week, I have dreams of running an online store which I can outsource all the work.

Steve and his wife make a nice 6 figure income with this store, and they started it so Steve’s wife could stay at home and raise their children. Steve’s wife had said, “When I get pregnant, I’m quitting my job”. With that in mind they had to find a way of replacing her 6 figure income in the Silicon Valley.

They make a nice tidy income from their store, which specializes in Wedding Handkerchiefs and other linens for weddings and special holidays. How does he make a 6 figure income with such a tiny specialized niche? I’ll let him tell you.

Podcast is at the bottom after the show notes.

Show Notes:

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