Business Intelligence and Strategy with David Crandall – Podcast Interview #2


I ran across David Crandall from Heroic Destiny in a Teleclass Podcast on BlogcastFM.Com a bit over a month ago. I’ve been listening to the podcasts at for some time now and this post about this teleclass interested me. It was their first product they were marketing, all of $12 and so I bought it.

This was my first knowledge of David Crandall, and I was very impressed with the content of the podcast. It was something that spoke to me and inspired me to do this podcast I have since started. David also posted on his blog about how he has saved companies several millions of dollars, and in the same post offered free coaching for a few select people who could meet a certain criteria.

I had spoken to David on Skype a few days before about the fear of doing a podcast, and fear of moving forward in uncharted territory, in my blogging. Knowing he had only done a few podcasts and having inspired me at the same time, I contacted him to talk about over coming that fear, not knowing this one teleclass would lead to much bigger things for me.

After talking to him on Skype and getting his explanation of Twitter, I finally understood how to use twitter, and started to follow David on Twitter as well. I saw a tweet he did about free coaching and I immediately contacted him back and told him to save a spot for me, and to tell me where I could learn more about this coaching. He directed me to his post about saving companies several millions of dollars, which is where I found out what he was looking for and that I fit the criteria.

In the month and a half that David has been coaching me, I’ve seen a huge difference in my attitude towards success and failure, my productivity has gone way up, and the confidence in what I am doing and trying to do have been major bonuses for me, all thanks to David.

The rest as they say is history, and history in the making.

Show Notes:


Unicorns are more than just 1's and 0's

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10 Responses to “Business Intelligence and Strategy with David Crandall – Podcast Interview #2”
  1. Larry, thank you again! I had a great time talking with you about these things and look forward to seeing what awesome stuff you create.

    I’ll hang around the comments if anyone has questions. 😀
    .-= David Crandall´s last blog ..Sinclair and Peluso on Archetypes and the Action Studio =-.

  2. wilson says:

    Hey Larry, that guy is your couch? Man what a privilege you have…although be careful, you might end up loving unicorns if you hang out with him to much LOL.

    no really all joking aside, I loved the podcast. Better get busy now

  3. Joel Runyon says:


    Thanks for the shoutout guys. David Crandall is the Michael Weston of Business Intelligence.

    Great podcast Larry.


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