Dan Andrews @ Lifestyle Business Podcast – Podcast Interview #4


Hey folks, I had the awesome opportunity to meet up  with Dan Andrews from The Lifestyle Business Podcast, The Tropical MBA and Outsource to the Philippines at a local coffee shop here in San Diego and get to know the man behind these three sites. For me Dan Andrews and his partner Ian were somewhat of a mystery. They talked about business pursuits and strategies, have good content, are entertaining, but never said what exactly they make or do. I finally got to find out at the coffee shop and demystify the mystery.

Not only did Dan tell me some of the industries they have their hands in, but the exact products they manufacture and sell. Dan and his partner Ian are no longer the mystery they used to be, they are THE REAL DEAL. They don’t talk lifestyle theory and try to sell you some product, they live the life, and use the techniques and strategies they talk about. They walk their talk. In fact they JUST recently put up a product for the first time for sale on The Lifestyle Business Podcast, the first 3 seasons of the podcast(AL)!

I’ve listened to podcasts where there’s 30-45 minutes of fluff, and maybe 10 minutes of an actually real tip, but not with these guys, these guys aren’t trying to shove product down your throats, they are all content and loads of fun. If you haven’t listened to their podcast yet you’re leaving money on the table. Go there now, listen to their podcast and leave a comment and tell them Larry @ The Niche Think Tank sent you, you’ll be glad you did.

Here’s some show notes:

Outsource to the Philippines

The Tropical MBA

The Lifestyle Business Podcast

Dan’s Beginning (@TropicalMBA)

Courier Flights for Cheap Travel

Interrogated in Vietnam

Prototypical Tim Ferris Realization

Ian is The Niche Machine (@AnythingIan)

Relationships are Key

Relationships with people doing what you want to do, will give you opportunities.

Srini @BlogCastFM

To Twitter or Not to Twitter


Zero-Sum Market

The Origin of Balla!

Hey Support the Lifestyle Business Podcast and get some great content too, CLICK HERE(affiliate Link).

BTW, there’s a bit of bleep-bleep in the podcast this time. Forewarned.


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8 Responses to “Dan Andrews @ Lifestyle Business Podcast – Podcast Interview #4”
  1. Michael says:

    Larry, do you have an itunes feed for just the podcasts – I’d like to subscribe to it.

  2. Quality interview with a quality guy … if you want to meet more like minded people when you are in the Phil, hit me up 😉

  3. Kathy says:

    Nice interview. Inspirational. And yes, San Diego is NOT so bad.

    I completley understand what Dan is saying about the draw of the international experience. I lived and worked abroad for seven years. You meet amazing people, make lifelong friends, and come back a changed person. (I too was detained twice: I now have a criminal record in Tokyo…for nothing we would call criminal, and was cornered by men with machine guns in the Bogota airport. Ah, memories) 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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  2. […] @NicheThinkTank (Larry Clark), check out the interview he did with us “Dan Andrews @ Lifestyle Business Podcast – Podcast Interview #4“ […]

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