Niche Market Ideas and How to Find Them I’m asked all the time how I go about finding my Niche Market Ideas for the micro niche websites I build. First thing I tell everyone is get a small pad of paper, or a little notepad, and a pencil, and start carrying it around with you […]

So I started my Kettlebell Training yesterday. I am doing this in part due to the Micro Niche Challenge going on with Pat Flynn, Tyrone Shum, and a host of other Bloggers including myself. I decided if I was going to do a micro niche site I should do one in something I am passionate […]

I was on facebook a while back and saw Tyrone Shum Challenge Pat Flynn to a niche site duel and I had to get a piece of that action. I’ve been doing micro niche marketing sites for almost a year now and think I have a little bit of a head start on it than […]