Niche Market Ideas and How To Find Them, Streetfighting for Bloggers – Part 2


Niche Market Ideas and How to Find Them

I’m asked all the time how I go about finding my Niche Market Ideas for the micro niche websites I build. First thing I tell everyone is get a small pad of paper, or a little notepad, and a pencil, and start carrying it around with you everywhere you go. This is in case you get an idea you can write it down and not forget about it. I can’t tell you how many times I have come up with a great idea and not written it down, only to forget the idea altogether.

Think Like an Opportunist, Look at Things as a Solution or a Problem

The next think I tell people is you have to start thinking opportunistically. By that I mean it’s a slightly different way of thinking. For example, some of you know I am in a Micro Niche Challenge with Pat Flynn and Tyrone Shum. My niche that I chose for the challenge is Russian Kettlebell Training. How did I come up with this idea? Simple, I was at the gym one day and saw this guy working out with one and I had no idea what it was, or what he was doing with it. So I asked him.

A Niche is Born

He told me it was a kettlebell and it’s a great workout, and so I wrote that down, went home and researched it. Since then I have been seeing them everywhere, Crossfit training, outdoor parks and bootcamp trainings, and of course at the gym. I even use one to work out with now too. Their great. So it looks like it’s the next great workout thing/fad, and that’s how I came up with that idea.

Something Interesting

I only work on niche ideas that I am interested in, as it makes it easier to write blog posts and articles about the topic. So being that I have a few pounds to lose, and it’s supposed to be a really great workout, I am making a niche site for it and I am also doing the kettlebell workout as well. I will get fit and healthy and get very familiar with the topic itself.

The 3 Pillars of Success

There are three Criteria or “Pillars of Success” when I am looking to build a niche website. I was already using a similar technique but the other day I was introduced to a new term for it. I was in a coaching session with my blogging coach David Crandall, and we got on the topic of SEO and he mentioned a guy by the name of Corbett Barr, and said I should check out his site Since I know a bit about SEO, maybe I could follow his lead and do a product on SEO as well.

I remembered Corbett Barr from a podcast at, and decided to give it a listen again. That’s where I got the term “3 Pillars of Monetary Success Online”, which I mention above.  So this is the thought process I go through when I am deciding if a certain possible niche is worth going after. For the niche to be considered I have to be either 1) Passionate about it, or have an interest in, 2) I am good at it, and it has to have the requirement that 3) people will be willing to pay money for the knowledge, information or solution to “it”.

That is how I get my market niche ideas and decide if I am going to do a niche website or blog o the topic.For the first part of the series, go here to Part 1 of Street fighting for Bloggers.

In the next parts of the series I will cover these topics:

Part 3 will be about Constructing a Niche Site like I use to bring in monthly Passive/Residual/Affiliate Income.

Part 4 will be about content creation or re-purposing content for adding good content to your niche site.

Part 5 will be about what to do after you get bored with the site,even though it’s making money, or Blog Flipping.


3 Pillars of Success

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  1. Larry

    Great post, the three pillars of success online is so important because many people are still being taught how to get rich quick online and with out knowing how to pick a correct niche and how to evaluate that niche for yourself, you will not be as successful and you would like. I prefer to get rich talking and posting about things I like and love. This is so important to online success that, for me, it really is a key to picking any niche.

    Stellar post
    .-= Vickie Success Systems When You Need it Most…Now´s last blog ..The Future in Real Time Part 3- Building Your Business to Fit and Protect Your Life =-.

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