July Income Report and a Day in my “Glamorous” Life.


7:15am, Ughh, can’t she at least sleep in till 8:00am?

7:20 am, Get up and change the little ladies diaper, Sarah my daughter(2), stumble out to the kitchen and get her some juice to keep her occupied, while I start the diapers.

7:30am, get the bag of washable, re-usable cloth diapers, by Bum Genius, start the wash cycle. Wash hands, and heat a cup of water for my morning green tea.

7:35am cut up some organic strawberries, to get Sarah started with breakfast. We try to eat ONLY organic food in this household, especially fruits and vegetables.

7:45am, cut up a cantaloupe and give it to Sarah.  start checking emails, affiliate sales, AdSense income, Amazon income, check comments.

8:00am, start replying to comments, read other posts by fellow bloggers who are trying to make a living, making a living or are in my crowd or tribe.

8:30-9:00am, make oatmeal with cockroaches and dirt for Sarah. (Raisins and Cinnamon) Feed Sarah.

9:15am, start the second (hot) wash cycle for the diapers, put on Elmo or some other educational program for Sarah, and *try* to get something done, more commenting, reading, emailing and start thinking about what posts I am going to do today. I have over 10 sites I post to weekly, not including this one, as it’s been the one I have neglected most. Not so much anymore.

10:00am, start final rinse cycle for the diapers, continue to work on sites or approving profiles on my main dating site. Start Mary Poppins or Lion King because Sarah likes to sing and dance. So do I.

10:30am, Hang diapers to dry in the back yard.

11:00am, Put Sarah down for a nap, get ready for gym.

11:30am, Hit the gym for an hour and a half, listen to podcasts, let Lisa sleep and get rest.

1:00pm home again, home again, jiggity jig. Feed Sarah lunch. Spend some time with Sarah as she wants daddy time.

2:00pm, put on Lion King or Muppet Show, get diaper shells so they don’t heat rot.

2:10pm, start working again, or at least try. 🙂

3:00-6:00pm, try to get as much done as possible as after about 7pm I am toast.

6:00pm, dinner for Sarah.

6:30pm-7:30pm, Daddy time for Sarah, then off to bed at 7:30.

Where’s Lisa in all this? She’s tending to our 3 week old Hannah June. She’s pretty much attached to her for about 1-2 hours, every 3 hours. This will go on for another 4 or so weeks when Lisa’s C-section incision is healed, at which time I might get more time to go work on things at a coffee shop. Until then I am stuck at home doing A LOT. But I like it, this is part of the reason I am doing the whole Internet thing.

8:00pm start dinner for Mommy and Daddy. That’s Me and Lisa.

Dinner is usually at about10pm most days, while making dinner I try to get more done, but sometimes it causes me to burn dinner if I am making it, if Lisa makes dinner it’s a little more time to work on my sites and the dating site.

So yeah, MY life isn’t so glamorous right now. Eventually it will be better and we will be traveling. For now we have a new one to nurture and a business to grow.

In my last post about Quitting The Day Job, I spoke of my IT consulting business that WAS my day job. I also talked about how I am making 2k+ a month now, from stuff online, online referrals, or referrals from people who have used my hosting services and WordPress installs. What I forgot to mention is that even though I am making that nice chunk of change, it is still not enough to support my family completely.  What I forgot to say was that we have to pull a little bit each month from our retirement fund, to make ends meet. This does not make me happy, but I am having to pull less and less as this business venture grows.

I do still have 2 very small IT consulting clients that call me occasionally for some small amount of work, but it’s only about $450 a month on average, and that’s not included in my monthly income reports. So small in fact I don’t consider it a day job anymore as I do almost all the work remotely, and only on the 5Th day, of the 3rd week, of the 1st blue moon. Most often this work is done at anywhere from $80-$120 an hour, so you see I am used to making WAY MORE, thank these little trickles of money coming in from all over. However one thing is true: Little streams turn into bigger streams, like the Mighty Mississippi

In case you are wondering what an IT consultant does, in my case I am a Network Engineer. I go to small and medium to larger medium sized companies who can’t or don’t want to afford a full time IT guy. I set up their computer network, or fix their existing one(hired gun sorta stuff), and then get it all running just right so it doesn’t break too much, install backup procedures, and then remote access stuff so I can monitor and fix any problems from this desk I am at right now.

I set up Mail Servers, File Servers, I do hosting and some website design or WordPress installs. I mainly just make sure that companies can come in, in the mornings and go right to work. Most of the companies I deal with depend on their computers to earn money. Companies like Interiors Designers, Architects, Lawyers, Doctors and other creative types.

Finally, here’s July’s income report:

Amazon – 54.96 (lower still this month, but coming up fast in August)

Dating Sites – 690.38

eBook Sales(Mine) – 77.76

Affiliate eBook Sales – 49.70

Clickbank Sales – 12.35

Dating Site Affiliate – 147.00

Text Link Ads – 48.57

Google – 280.04

Side Jobs (Hosting, WordPress Installs) – 880.00

Total July – $2240.76

Last month (June) – $1694.87

Difference of $545.89


July 2010 Income Report

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7 Responses to “July Income Report and a Day in my “Glamorous” Life.”
  1. Mike Ziarko says:

    Very inspiring stuff Larry. Any income reports from August-September?
    .-= Mike Ziarko´s last blog ..Lessons from Buying and Selling a Website =-.

  2. i tink that Lion King should also be considered as one the best animated films on the market .

  3. ZPTsotetsi says:

    WOW, this is reaaly great larry, especially the “the quitting the day job story” it really inspired me. keep it.


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