Micro Niche Site Challenge – Part 1


I was on facebook a while back and saw Tyrone Shum Challenge Pat Flynn to a niche site duel and I had to get a piece of that action. I’ve been doing micro niche marketing sites for almost a year now and think I have a little bit of a head start on it than those two guys. So we shall see.

The only rule is you can’t use any sort of paid traffic techniques.

So I went over to the Niche Duel Hub to see what’s up and saw that a few more people have join the challenge as well and will be good to see how each of them do with their way of doing things. One guy is using one of my favorite WordPress themes for niche sites, for his niche site: StudioPress.com. Another person is doing a Niche Profit Press site, which personally I had no luck with but best of luck to him, maybe I just wasn’t doing it right? Another guy is doing a Google Sniper type site, whatever that is, I’ll have to look it up.

Style of Site

Me, I’m going to use a news type WordPress theme I think, and I’m going to be using youtube videos I find on YouTube. I’m also going to be writing much of the content, and maybe even doing the program too as I NEED to lose about 40lbs.

The Topic and The Domain

My topic will be in the Health and fitness, and on the edge of the weight loss niche.


Russian Kettlebells

I’ve already bought a domain months ago, as I am always looking for micro niche site ideas, and saw something that I think is somewhat hot in many areas of the country, Kettlebell Training. I was at the gym one day and noticed these odd looking things that looked like cannonballs with handles, and was curious, so I asked one of the trainers what that thing was he was throwing around. He said it was a Russian Kettlebell(see video at end of post). He said it’s the latest, hottest exercise thing, so I wrote the name down in my pad I carry with me day to day. I did some research and decided on the domain and bought: www.russiankettlebelltraining.com. It’s not up yet but it will be in a day or so. Remember, we’ve just had another baby so we are a little swamped around here.

Traffic Strategy

I will probably outsource some of the article writing I am going to use for article directory back linking, but for most of the on-site articles I will spin those myself somehow. I might give the spinners Pat Flynn Suggested, as I hate writing content sometimes. To be honest with you, I hate doing niche site that I have no real interest in the topic. Therefore, I try to have some interest int he niche sites I build otherwise I will just find ways to NOT work on the site.

I also think that my domain will receive a lot of traffic due to the keywords in the domain name. For my keyword research I use Micro Niche Finder to look up my keyword phrases and amount of competition, and number of exact match phrases out in the “wild”. It says that the term KettleBell Training would not be a good choice for a domain, because of the overwhelming numbers in exact match phrases and Strength of Competition. Micro Niche Finder will literally give a green light or a red light if the numbers are or aren’t right.

See here:


Kettlebell Training

For KettleBell Training, the numbers are way wrong to try to rank for this set of words. However I really like a challenge and when there’s a domain name for sale that is close to the keywords I grab it anyway, sometimes you can rank a domain for a set of keywords even if there’s a lot of competition. So I also bought kettlebelltrainingHQ.com.

As you can see in the image above kettlebell training has a huge red light.  Sure there’s 22,200 monthly searches but there’s also 188,000 exact phrase matches, that you would be competing with for ranking. Then there’s also the SOC(strength of competition) of 4,620, which are keyword anchors in articles, URLs and titles. So yeah, NO. But like I said the domain name of kettlebelltrainingHQ.com was available so I took it anyway. I’ll let you know how I do with that huge competition.

In this following image you’ll see the numbers are super low, including for the monthly searches:


Russian Kettlebell Training

There’s only 590 monthly searches, but the exact phrase count is 7,950 with an SOC of only 22, a big green light for go. I think that I will be able to get more traffic with this one as there will be plenty of long tail keywords, not to mention just the fact that Kettlebell training is in the URL, and the exercise is of Russian Origin.

Monetization Strategy

I plan on doing a mix of monetization strategies, from affiliate sales of equipment, to Amazon sales, to Google AdSense. I have an affiliate account with the largest distributor of Kettlebell equipment, books and DVDs, in the US so I should have no problem making some sales for the top rated Kettlebell DVDs, Books and Kettlebells themselves.


Like i said previously, I’m going to use the free youtube videos I find on YouTube.Com along with articles I write from stuff I read and learn about. I will also have my article writer writing some articles for me as I have so much on my plate I need to outsource some of this. hose articles will go to the article directories on the net, to help build backlinks as well.


To get backlinks I’ll be comment marketing, article marketing and forums. I hate going into forums and just posting crap and adding links or signatures, so instead of spamming the forums I will honestly be trying to learn some about this whole Kettlebell Training, so I can use what I learn to make money AND Lose Weight. I might even post a before and then an after shot. 🙂 (yikes!) This whole pregnancy and sympathy weight phenomenon has afforded me a nice belly that I need to lose.

Flipping the finished site

After I have built the site and have gotten the traffic going fairly well, I might hold onto it and let it continue to generate passive income, or I might flip the website on Flippa, and make some fast extra cash. Not sure yet but that was a thought I had for a large chuck all at once.

I think this is a great idea, Pat and Tyrone, as there’s a lot of people watching and we will all be winners when we reap the benefits of the shared experience and knowledge we will all gain from learning from each other.We will also walk away with some new networking friends.

Kudos to you guys for this cool idea.

The others in the challenge are:

Mark from Masonworld.com

Mike from MikeZiarko.com

Patrick from MakeMoneyBuzz.com

Katie from AwesomebyNature

Spencer from NicheAdsenseChallenge.com

Shane from DropShippingPlanet.com

Mark from WealthyAffiliateRevoluation.com

Beth from BethStowers.com


KettleBell Video:



Death Valley Dunes, July 2001, 115 degrees in the shade

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7 Responses to “Micro Niche Site Challenge – Part 1”
  1. Mike Ziarko says:

    Great description and plan of action! Did you see Ferriss’s Random Show talk about kettlebell training with Kevin Rose? It’s up on the 4HWW blog, its good stuff.

    Thanks for link and good luck!


  2. Dan says:

    KILLER NICHE Larry I love kettle bells! I’m also pretty sure Tim Ferriss is going to talk about them a lot in his new book, it’ll be a big bump for the market.

    • Larry C. says:

      Hey Yeah Mike Ziarko said something about Ferris and His buddy were talking about it on his TV podcast thingy.
      Thanks for the mention on your podcast and blog. If you guys are in San Diego, I’m in Talmadge and would like to meet up with you guys, I’m sure Pat Flynn would like too as well…

  3. Mike Ziarko says:

    Damn you West coasters! You’re all nearby one another. Online entrepreneurs are slim pickins’ up here in Canada…
    .-= Mike Ziarko´s last blog ..Is Blogging A Business =-.


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