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So I started my Kettlebell Training yesterday. I am doing this in part due to the Micro Niche Challenge going on with Pat Flynn, Tyrone Shum, and a host of other Bloggers including myself. I decided if I was going to do a micro niche site I should do one in something I am passionate about. I’m not sure if I am passionate about Kettlebell Training, it’s Hard!

I started yesterday and man, I was whooped after 2 sets of 15 reps each, of 3 different exercises with the kettlebells. I mean sure I’ll be passionate about training and the niche site but man those exercises kicked my butt. Check out the video at the bottom of the page about my Micro Niche Site on Kettlebell Training.

My legs and arms are hurtin’ for certain, but I feel good. The exercises actually helped to strech and lengthen my muscles, and warm my body up for stretching afterward. I have back trouble so it really helped with that as it stretched the back muscles out and make things easier to strech.

Anyway, more later. Off to the gym…

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