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Have you ever thought about writing an eBook or eReport and selling it on the Internet? Maybe you found the secret to getting the smell of cat pee out of the couch or how to get the dog to stop chewing your shoes or how to get a checking account when you are in the chex system?

If you have thought about doing this but never got around to it, or talked yourself out of it you could be talking yourself out of making a lot of money. I had never really thought about this until I ran across the title of a forum called “Desperate Buyers Only“.

My first knowledge of “Desperate Buyers Only” was through The Warrior Forums, and I did a little research on it and decided to buy it in June of 2009. It’s an eBook by Alexis Dawes and goes into how to find what people are desperate for, how to create an eProduct for this desperation, and then how to market it.

I read the book from start to finish and was thoroughly impressed. The book is about creating reports or ebooks for people with desperate problems. People are always searching the internet for the solution to a certain problem they may have and it’s these people this book focuses on to create a product for.

If you are a person with a problem that causes you social anxiety or fear or causes you to not do something, then you would be desperate to find a solution. When you find this solution you would be more than happy to pay money for it, right? Well there you go. It is this premise that you start your research on.

This book goes into finding a desperate market, research, wording and phrasing, and also goes into why online entrepreneurs fail. It talks about finding the niche market that will sell, and it’s not going with the crowd either. This book is in my opinion The Book for creating books and reports that really sell.

I couldn’t wait to start brainstorming and get a product out on the market to see how well this would work. I came up with a product that many people are desperate for, from my own personal experiences. I wrote my story, wrote the solution and gave some extra resources to help with this problem and wrote my sales page.

After uploading the sales page and uploading the product to my secure download service I started to drive traffic to the website each day. I made sure to only point a couple links per day, each week to the new site, so as not to sandbox the URL with Google.

Because of the keyword selection I did, the lack of product for this kind of problem, and my slow propagation of back links, I started having traffic almost instantly. Granted right now it’s only an average of 13 per day, but I made my first two sales on the 20Th day the site was up.

From my calculations that would be 20 days x 13 visitors per day = 260 visitors, for the first two sales. So I am going to see if sales are about 1 sale every 260 people. I’ll get that average when I make my next sale or two. Either way I made my first two sales in 20 days of putting the product up, and no refund so far.

Basically I am really stoked about this process. As traffic goes up, so will my income. My next thing to to is little tweaks here and there to the sales page to see if I can boost sales.

Last week I had my consultation with Alexis Dawes, the creator of Desperate Buyers Only, and she is one of the nicest persons I have ever talked to on the phone. She reviewed my sales page and talked about how I could make it so people would definitely want it more by tweaking some phrasing and doing some cost justification.  We also talked about how to make it more personal, more of an intimate feeling for the person reading the website, making it very close to home so to say.

We I was done I had a really nice feeling and after making those 2 sales the other day, I knew this stuff was for real and plan on several more Desperate Buyers Products. Alexis also gave me her phone number to talk to her anytime about other pages I would be putting up for sale, she said her email inbox in inundated with email everyday and finds it hard to correspond to every single person, but is working on it.

I asked her if I had the latest version and she said I didn’t. so she emailed me the latest edition and along with it came several new pieces added to the package. here’s a list of the new contents:

  • DesperateBook.pdf
    This is the Desperate Buyers Only manual
  • BBGone.pdf
    This is a copy of Boils Be Gone. Boils Be Gone is an actual desperate product that I’m currently selling.

  • GoodAndFastContentCreationFormula.pdf
    This manual will teach you how to create content quickly. Lots of good research ideas here.

  • GoodAndFast-WriteBooksAndReports.pdf
    This report will teach you how to write your e-books and reports quickly.

  • GoogleOperatorsCheatSheet.pdf
    This is a good sheet to have with you whenever you’re researching on Google.

  • ArticleRewriterCheatSheet.pdf
    This cheat sheet will show you how to easily alter your articles.

Great pack of material to learn from and use for making content based manuals, reports and eBooks. This is how I am doing it from now on. If you haven’t already bought Alexis Book you can do so here with my affiliate link:

Desperate Buyers Only

It is well worth the $97.


I just went to Alexis Blog to link back to her and it looks like she took her blog down. Bummer.

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  1. Adnan says:

    Where do I get these PDFs?

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