Income Report for October 2010


Hey Folks, I know it’s been way to long since I posted here and I still need to catch up on my income reports for the past year+ up to the present (1/2012). I’ve had many changes happening in my life recently and it’s complicated matters in the way of niche marketing and making my niche sites as well. Complications that have caused me to not be able to make any new niche sites in the last 3 months of 2011 and the only work being done on the sites I did have were back links by my VA. Yes I have a VA now and that’s for another post.

As some of you know my daughter was exposed to lead due to some shoddy renovations done by the landlord of the place we lived. Because of legal issues with that and bad feelings between he and my family we decided to look for a new place to live and move out. In our process of looking we thought we had found a place and gave a deposit to the people of the new place while we haggled over the lease terms. After not being able to get things in writing, or being told one thing one day, and having it change the following day I decided not to rent from the new landlord and ask for our deposit back. They said we did not fulfill the terms of the rental application and therefore they were going to keep our deposit and deduct a days rent for everyday it did not rent that month, until it gets rented. They eventually sent us a check for about $600 stating they finally got the place rented. Needless to say I was pissed.

I filed against them in small claims court and went back to our current landlord and ask to retract the 30 day notice we had given till be could find a place to live. He said no, he wanted us out and so we had to leave. We couldn’t find a place to live in the 2 weeks left of our lease there so we moved into an extended stay hotel with a kitchenette. And that’s where my experience with location independence started.

We spent two months in that hotel while we looked for a decent place to live and eventually found one that suited our needs as a family. We were able to move in, in the middle of December, just before Christmas, get a Christmas tree and do all of our shopping by Christmas eve. The kids had a great Christmas and so did we. We’re still unpacking and it’s a bit slow as the house we are now in is about 300 sq. ft. smaller than what we were in previously but the yard is big and we now have a pool. We are also paying the same amount of rent we were in the other place and we have a gardener.

We had our day in court with the landlords that kept our deposit and we were able to get back $1500 of the $1850 that we gave them. While I feel we should have gotten it all back, I understand the judge was trying to be fair to all parties and said we did verbally promise to move in. I’m just glad we could get most of our money back. That’s a lot of money in the present times of our economy.

Ok so here’s the income report for October 2010, over a year ago. I’m going to be getting the rest of these income reports done now that I have an office that I can close the door and get down to some serious writing. In the old house my office didn’t have a door and it was also the kids play room. It made it much harder to be able to sit and get some work done as the kids would always interrupt me. Not that I minded it just isn’t conducive to a work environment.

I’d like to thank all of you who purchase products talked about here on this site as I get an affiliate commission from those purchases. It does go directly to helping support my family, my endeavors as a niche marketer and niche site builder. Here’s to your success!

BTW, you’ll notice a slight decrease in this months income, which I’m not going to go into the analysis of as I just want to get the income reports up and going. People want to see the reports and I’ve been lagging. You can compare this months with last months report by looking at Septembers Income Report HERE.

Income Report for October 2010

Amazon – 120.43

Dating Sites – 987.25

eBook Sales(Mine) – 32.91

Affiliate Sales – 129.41

Clickbank Sales – 0

Text Link Ads – 40.06

Google – 449.40

Side Jobs (Hosting, WordPress Installs) – 630.00

Total October  $2389.03

Last month (September) $2580.80

Decrease of $191.77

October 2010 Income Report

October 2010 Income Report

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3 Responses to “Income Report for October 2010”
  1. Wow, that’s really rough but I’m glad everything worked itself out. Taking someone to court is a major PITA. Glad to have you back.

  2. Ooops, I read the year incorrectly…:) My bad

    • Larry C. says:

      This was just a month ago we took them to court. and all this crap happened. the income report is from 2010. I maybe shoulda broke them apart.
      Somewhat confusing.

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