Making Money on Christmas with Affiliate Sales Through Amazon


I haven’t posted in 2 weeks, and I apologize, I’ve been busy making sites and making money through Amazon affiliate sales. Ever since I posted about Niche Profit Course and ReviewAzon, I’ve been very busy building new sites, article marketing, posting reviews, and making LOTS of money. Well, lot’s of money to me, considering what I was making before.

I started using ReviewAzon, and streamlined my WordPress Installations(I’ll talk about this in another post), I’ve been able to build and post to about 2-3 new sites per week. This means I upload my WordPress files and theme files to the web server, configure it, and then start posting to the site for content, and completing a site in just under 1.5 days each.

It takes about 3 days to 7 days to get a site indexed in Google for me, which some people may say that’s impossible, but it’s not. If you start with a new site, and go social bookmark it in StumbleUpon, Digg, Mixx, FriendFeed and a few others, then do some comment marketing, you’re site will get indexed in less than a week and I’ve seen as fast as one hour. Really!

The ReviewAzon plugin has really made posting product posts and reviews so much easier and faster, that it only takes me about 1/4 of the time to do 4 posts in the time it took to do 1 post manually. I still like to customize my posts to a degree with ReviewAzon, but it’s still so much faster than before. Before I would hand post or code my reviews, and then add images manually that I edited and then make a cool looking post image for the front page. Sometimes that in itself took almost an hour at times. Depending ont he product.

With ReviewAzon, it’s already configured to make a pretty post. I make a custom image for the front page every other post or so now, instead of every one. Partly because I am trying to get content up to be indexed in Google, but also so I can hit as many keywords as possible in a short amount of time. Remember, these are new sites so they need a bit of content before being hit my the search engines. More keywords mean more chances of someone needing what I have. Chris Guthrie has also been a great help with a few questions I’ve had about his course.

The next few days I will post more about my past income reports which I am backlogged on, but I will tell you about what’s happening this month, and last month since Black Friday. So far this month I’ve been making a steady average of 51$ a day with my Amazon affiliate sales, which if, in the long run will be about $1,550 per month. That’s if the sales don’t go up, or down and if I don’t build anymore sites.

This week I have had several sites start to get traffic, and growing, as they were indexed by Google over the weekend, and are now getting traffic daily and making sales. I also have to say that there are many items that still haven’t shipped yet that were ordered through Amazon, so there is going to be commission coming in from that stuff too, on top of the sales made daily. I expect the average daily sale will go up soon, and that figure of $51 will go up along with it.

Ever since Black Friday, this is the way it’s been, sales, sales and more sales. many people don’t want to venture out into the crowd and get frustrated. Many people also know they can find whatever they want on Amazon, and will avoid the crowds this way. No need to get trampled at your local Walmart, just shop on line and avoid the crowds, confusion and frustration.

I know that after Christmas, sales will drop off a bit, but I also know that with all the traffic from successful searches to my sites will help keep my sites high in the index in Google. I also know I will have returning customers. I still make sales from other affiliate programs, and those have grown as well. This month will be a great month, and I expect by the end of the month I will have a small army of Amazon Affiliate sites to draw from.

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3 Responses to “Making Money on Christmas with Affiliate Sales Through Amazon”
  1. Great Post, I do a similar strategy and also follow Chris Guthries blog. that guys a wizard. We made some nice money over the holidays as well.
    .-= Kindle Covers and Cases´s last blog ..Kindle Covers and Cases by 11 Designers for Latest Generation Kindles =-.

  2. This really was a great month for making extra Christmas spending money. So many people bought Kindle and Covers and cases, I grossed over $2K in affiliate income from the sales through Amazon.

  3. Helen Neely says:

    Nice post, I just started blogging for Christmas sale – I know it’s very early, but I think the earlier the better for your post to get indexed for longer.

    I will use your tips as well.
    Nice post btw.

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