Micro Niche Site Challenge – Update #4


Well, I’ve not put too much work into my site for russiankettlebelltraining.com. I realized a little way into the building of the site, there may not be enough traffic to sustain it, or even put more effort into it. Not many people realize that Kettlebell Training originated in Russia, nor do many people search for “Russian Kettlebell Training”. So I’ve not put much effort into it.

I rank for some off keywords and number 19 for Russian Kettlebell Training, and that’s it. I’ve actually been working on some other sites that I am hoping will get ranked soon, they’re big commission products and there’s not many people working them, their under served.

Another thing about the site is I don’t think the template I’m using is conducive for sales and marketing, people stop and run. The bounce rate is pretty high. I may do some more back linking to see if I can get it to rank for just “Kettlebell Training”, and change the template to something prettier. If after I do these two things, it does’nt improve, I’ll just sell it on Flippa, and start all over again. And such is the natural of Niche Websites and Niches. Sometimes you just make a mistake and choose the wrong keywords to rank for.

Pat Flynn on the other hand, has done an amazing job of building his first niche site. At least I am pretty sure it’s his first. If not I know he hasn’t done many and he has totally blown us all out of the water with his ranking strategy. Check this out:

  • August 25th: Site went live. Not ranked.
  • August 29th: #184
  • September 6th: #162
  • September 8th: #135
  • September 9th: #119
  • September 13th: #117
  • September 14th: #53
  • September 21st: #38
  • September 29th: #27
  • October 22nd: #16
  • October 27th: #6
  • November 2: #3
  • November 6: #1

Not to damn bad if you ask me, now that, is how it’s done, and done right! You can read his post here about his ranking:
Pat Flynn Niche Site Update #10

Pat’s also got a great post on Backlinking to gain rank in the search engines here:
The Backlinking Strategy That Works.

There is one thing he didn’t mention, which I will, in my next post about Niche Site Creation, It’s how to Spy on your competition to find out where to backlink and find all the good juicy backlink spots. This is the easy way of finding places to backlink, just like my other post about Niche Site Espionage, I spy on my competition all the time. Why reinvent the wheel when theirs works just fine?

Be sure to check out the podcast I did with Pat Flynn here:
Pat Flynn Podcast

So there’s my update, I’m sitting here at my coffee shop office today, couldn’t focus at home so I had to get out and just write for a while. I’m basically taking it easy today as this week has been a lot of backlinking, writing articles and submitting them.

This week I interviewed Steve Chou from MyWifeQuitHerJob.Com. Steve and his wife run a wedding linen store online, and make a 6 figure income from it.  He is the subject of my next podcast due out on monday morning. I think since it’s Friday I am going to go home early, take a nap and then take my daughters to the park. I hope you all have a great weekend.

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2 Responses to “Micro Niche Site Challenge – Update #4”
  1. I got in to this duel myself because of you guys. My first attempt at internet marketing. I definitely made some mistakes in choosing a niche myself. 300k competitors for my keyword (might be a bit much for a rookie like me). Thinking that sites that look crappy to me would also be crappy to google when it comes to ranking. (Google can’t see the site in all its glorius ugly, they just see content). Not looking in to commercialability of the keyword (no ebooks about your survival knife) But I gave myself 6 months to rank on the first page and maybe make 10 bucks a day (almost at 2 months). At that rate it will only take me about 15 years to quit my job, provided none of the sites lose their ranking in that time. But I see this as a learning process and I consider myself good at learning how to “game a system”. So I have made mistakes for sure but you can bet I wont make those same mistakes the next time around.
    .-= Survival Knife Steve´s last blog ..The Psychology Of Survival =-.

    • Larry C. says:

      We’re not gaming a system per se’, we’re doing everything legitimately and on the up and up. Like I said in our chat I think you can get on the front page of Google, pretty quick. We’ll talk on Wednesday.

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