What can New Internet Marketers Learn from Michigan J. Frog?


I love Michigan J. Frog. For many of you my age(46) you know exactly who I am talking about, for the younger crowd, you may know him as the WB Frog. However he is not the WB Frog, he is Michigan J.

Michigan J. Frog has a valuable lesson to teach us, in this little cartoon from 1955, and I would like to see if you can guess it before I give away the answer. To help you figure it out, I am including the cartoon here for all of you to watch and see for yourself, all the right things were there for him to become a huge hit.

All the right marketing and promotions, the word of mouth, the discounts and bonuses(free beer), and a large crowd gathering to see the singing frog. Only one thing was missing, can you guess what it was?

Many times in today’s world of online marketing and lifestyle design, we get everything together and we try to give, sell or release a product to our potential audience. We’ve got a great design for the site or blog, we’ve got all the right marketing colors, the right set price, the promotions are taken care of and everyone is waiting for the launch of our new product.

We launch and everything goes right, and then… everyone wants a refund. Why?

Watch the video, see if you can guess what is missing, and then scroll down to the bottom for the answer. I’d really like to have some interaction, so please, post your reactions, thoughts and guesses to what you thought was “Missing”.

Want the answer?

Scroll Down…



Michigan J. Frog

Keep Going…










The Answer Is…

Make sure your product performs for your audience,
and not just you, before you try to sell it.



Comments please…


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5 Responses to “What can New Internet Marketers Learn from Michigan J. Frog?”
  1. Great way to get your point accross. Something that works for you may not work for someone else. I really like this. Thanks

    • Larry C. says:

      It’s simple and total spoke to me when I was watching it. I was watching for old times sake the other night and that’s what came to me, funny huh?

  2. Evan says:

    And try to get feedback from people with a variety of personalities – what works for some may leave others cold.

    Sometimes it is easy to modify to appeal to more people. Sometimes you choose to go with some people and not others (which you can then signal upfront to avoid disappointing one group of people).

  3. OMG Larry

    this post was sooooo cute. I resonate with your message and often times tell people to examine an idea and make sure it is what other wants. This was a fun way to bring it home.


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