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I finished the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill a few weeks ago, rather the audio version of it, and almost immediately thought of The Secret. Although I have never read The Secret, or watched a movie about it, I did see an info movie about it, a while back, and thought to myself that this is probably where The Secret started from or got it’s inspiration.

From what I understand, I am correct in that assumption, in doing some research on that before writing this review, Think and Grow Rich is said to be the inspiring topic for The Secret. Personally I was not impressed with what I’ve heard about The Secret, and the way it was presented and  the way I saw it was more get rich quick crap, than fact.

However, in the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I was Awe Inspired, I was delighted with stories of people who were little people who went on to be great people  and in the process because rich as an aside. The author did not disclose “The Secret” in exact words, but gave it in such a way that a person would have to derive it for themselves from the passages in the book.

I found many of the principles in the book ones that I already adhere too, such as having a burning desire for the want of something, or of something better. Faith is also a key part in the procedure of attaining ones goal as is autosuggestion. Not so much as hockey autosuggestion, but in the sense of writing little notes of what you desire and placing them in places you will see everyday. Way’s to reinforce your belief that you will someday attain that which you desire.

Organization, specialized knowledge, imagination and persistence, along with a few other topics were covers, and all with a great deal of explanation were covered in the way to get that which you desire. I was thoroughly surprised by this book which was written some years ago, and still works today for many of us who read and use the principles inside.

Would I suggest Think and Grow Rich to anyone? Yes I would, but not for the simple fact of wanting to become rich or well off, but for the principles and characteristics it instills in people, or helps to bring out in others. I would highly recommend Think and Grow Rich to ANY who wants to be successful in their endeavors.

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  1. Dr. Skigh says:

    It is amazing how much we can limit ourselves just by our thoughts. Have the courage to think outside of the rat race box and pursue what you really enjoy. My biggest challenge is getting beyond the doubt that creeps in. Your monthly income reports are quite encouraging. It is indeed possible and, like Nelson Mandella said, we are powerful beyond belief.

    Great site!
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