April Monthly Income Report


It’s been almost 2 months since I posted to this blog, only because I am busy with my other sites and niches, that I have a hard time writing to this blog at times. I’m so busy at times that I forget to post to this blog. My apologies, I will try to post at least twice a week from now on.

So the last income report I gave was totaled at $1,356.91 for the month of March, and I posted this on April 1st. The previous income report was for December 2009 and that amount was for $1,294.78. This months income was about $350 less than the last income report coming in at $977.53. Depressing? Not really, I’ve only been doing this for almost a year now and my income before this was pretty much maybe $100 per month, if I was lucky, from Adsense.

The main difference from the last report to this one is the lump sum from Clickbank of $348.35 for affiliate products I sold. This months income report lacks the sales of clickbank as I am not using it that much at all now. Some here and there but I am working on new ways of monetizing my sites and it’s actually been pulling in a steadier stream in my opinion, than pushing and hyping clickbank products. Next month we will see a new column for Amazon.com and showing a growth in income from there, again it’s part of my system I have been working on.

What I have done with my clickbank stuff is added them to the end of the autoresponders for all my dating sites. I’ve added ebooks for dating tips for men and women, from clickbank so it’s pretty much on autopilot if they sell or not.

Aprils income breaks down like this:

Amazon – 18.00

Dating Sites – 542.16

eHow – 16.18

Pixelated Image – 15.00

Text Link Ads – 60.32

Contextual Links Ads – 325.87

Total – $977.53

Like I said before, it’s missing a chunk from clickbank sales, but I am ok with that for now. I’ve been working on a system of monetizing sites that give good content, information to people and are fast to monetize.This project came about because while many of the programs I joined to learn their strategy were good, they were effectively too slow for making money. I say this because while my day job was going down the drain because of the current state of the economy, I needed something to supplement my income so I could continue to pay the bills and feed my family.

I am putting together my own information eBook product detailing this system. I will be revealing it soon. May’s income will show an improvement due to this new system I’m doing. I just need to Lather-Rinse-Repeat, to increase income exponentially. Members of my email list will get a copy for free, and the members of Blog Mastermind will also get a copy for free.

This blog is successful because of your support, and I'd like to thank you for that. Some of the links are affiliate links and I make a small commission that helps to support the family.
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3 Responses to “April Monthly Income Report”
  1. cris says:

    Some very good information on your blog and am particularly impressed to see your monthly income reports. I think it shows people what can be done by working online. As I am fairly new to the IM world – the text link ads and contextual links ads – are they by Google or ?? I would appreciate if you would share with us.

  2. cris says:

    thanks larry for coming back to me.

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