Aweber email service Hacked?


I noticed a lot of spam in the  past day or so to certain email addresses, and I recieved a blog posting from Darren Rowse of Problogger, stating:

“I don’t want to cause alarm on this but today I’ve had emails from 11 subscribers to two of my different email lists that I administrate at Aweber complaining that they’ve been inundated with pharmaceutical spam. In each case the subscribers have set up email addresses especially for my newsletters which they use for no other purposes.

In each case they’re complaining of getting the same types of emails – up to 20 of them in a few hours.

At first I thought perhaps my account had been compromised – but I began to do some investigating and am beginning to see some others talk about the same problem. For example @planetmike tweeted about a similar problem here.”

The rest of the post can be read here.

about a half hour latter of posting Darren recieved an email from Aweber stating “doing extensive investigations into any possible issues.”

So hopefully this will be resolved quickly…

Enjoy your Sunday!!!

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