10 Steps to Start and Run a Successful Dating Site


The ten steps to start and run a successful dating site.

  1. Find a Niche that may not be met or fulfilled – Possibly a medical need, or a handicap type need, or cultural need. Think Jewish dating, or dating for amputees or Gay Midget Dating, the software I suggest for finding niches for dating sites is Micro Niche Finder. This software will make your life so much easier, it is a must have.
  2. Research the searches per month and search result with Google, Google Keyword Tool or Micro Niche Finder, to determine need and effective placement in search engine ranking. Decide if the niche you picked is going to work, if not start over.
  3. Review and choose the dating site software to run the site. One software I recommend and use is Webscribble’s Webdate. This is a very robust software and is easy to use and configure and customize. I can also talk to you about it myself if you want my opinion and how I use it and it’s only $199.
  4. Hire a programmer to customize the site, if you aren’t code savvy.
  5. Make the site a totally free dating site, to help populate it.
  6. Do SEO work for search engine placement and build back links for traffic.
  7. Article submissions for attention and SEO Ranking.
  8. Start charging for premium accounts(more email sending capability, better visibility of profiles, or other perks)
  9. Start charging for advertising(once traffic is high)
  10. Enjoy recurring payments for membership, recurring advertising payments, or flip for profit.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Have a great Friday night folks.


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