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I’ve had a lot of thoughts about getting rid of a few of my blogs I have, and one idea that came to mind was flipping them. The site is just the place to do it. An acquaintence of mine sold her blog for a bit over 1K. the person who bought it keep posting to the blog, building readers and traffic, and while all this is going on he is making money from the traffic to He eventually flipped the site again on for 16k!

You read that right. $16,000. Of course not every site is going to command that kind of money but you can search for it on and see the interesting feedback and stats on the site. I’d like to do that sometime, but when you have a site that makes 900$ a money, what do you do? Keep it or sell it? which is the better of two evils?  To make 16 k it would take a little over 16 months, and by then the market could dry up, google could de-index me, all my clients who are paying could say “See Ya”, or any number of other weirdness. Then that would be the better time to sell, before things got bad. Right?

But when is the right time to sell? How do you know when it’s time to close shop and get out? Maybe it’s when you are bored of writing on the same topic day after day after boring day. Personally, I’m tired of writing about roses and how to grow them, aphid control, compost tea and when to plant knockout rose bushes. I’m just done with it. I did put the site on Flippa for a low $197 as the reserve price, and got a whole 2 bids which amounted to I think $45 total. Oh Boy. I could hardly contain myself. hahahaha…

Needless to say the site didn’t sell but I got some insite to it. maybe lowering the reserve price a bit to help start a bidding war, or no reserve at all, but then I risk lossing the site for less than I wanted. That and with all the time and effort I’ve put into the site, well, let’s just say I would be happier to keep the site and make a few dollars a month until it could sell for a higher price.

I think I am going to re-list the site and lower the reserve to $50 and see what ensues. Hopefully a bidding war starts and the price is driven up. Who knows. I’ll keep ya posted.

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One Response to “Blog Flipping when bored with your website”
  1. Julius says:

    Glad to see a new post in your blog. This is a good introduction to Flippa and I’m heading over to it now. thanks
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..Web Accessibility Benefits Persons with Disabilities and … Who Else? =-.

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