Killing me with Kindness – For a Better World


Killing me with Kindness – For a Better World

One of the blogs I follow is, because I like what this guy is doing. Sure he’s traveling the world and living the good life of an entrepreneur, but he’s also stopping at orphanages around Bangkok and Thailand and helping them. There’s one post I was just reading and watched the video here, “My Secret Recipe for 100% Guaranteed Happiness”. I couldn’t stop balling my eyes out and wanting to hold my daughter and never let her go. The feelings that well up inside me make me want to get this whole thing right, that much more. This whole Entrepreneur thing and living a better life to help others live a better life too. Damn this tears my heart out.

I know I can still help others live a better life now, but I want to make more of a difference than I can at the moment. I would love to be able to donate lot’s of money to specific organizations and charities to help little children like those. The smiles on faces and lights in the eyes are what make me live. My life changed when my daughter was born, for the better, no, for the best, it’s ever been. I see things in a whole different light, both scary and happy. Scary because I never want her to go through the shit I went through, and happy because I know she will have the best I can give her. Always.

I’ve lived in the streets, turned my life around and recovered from drug addiction, and when I was unemployable I put myself through tech school to make a better life for myself. I am not proud of where I have come from but it has made me what I am today. That is a matter of controversy to some but I say I am on the road to being the best person I can be. I am an up standing father to the most precious little girl and boy friend to a beautiful woman who stands by my side. What more could I ask for?

A better earth.

I’m for a better earth.

A place where people don’t kill themselves over religion, where people don’t have children needlessly and then abuse or abandon them, where things are better than they are now.

It all starts with one person, it starts with me, now.

What are YOU going to do for this world? ANSWER ME THAT!

I fear for my daughters world. Monsanto, the huge GMO conglomerate of a cluster fuck company. Makers of Agent Orange, Roundup Weedkiller and other deadly chemicals. The people who fund mass corruption. The patent holders of a life organism, as well as other corrupt people, places and ideals. If we don’t change things NOW, we’re going to be up shit’s creek without a paddle. I’m serious, why do you think people are speaking out about global warming and other changes in climate? It’s not just their imagination. It’s real. I can tell you my parents who live in D.C. where is used to snow more have not experienced snow fall like they used to 25 years ago, it’s much less due to global warming.

Have you noticed there’s not many protests except those protesting abortion and such? The passionately angry? The people who are not going to stand for any more of whatever they believe in? It sickens me when people complain about where the world is heading and then tell me they didn’t vote, or didn’t do something that could have changed the outcome results of a poll or decision. Go fuck Yourself, if you bitch and complain about something but didn’t do something that could have changed things, IT’S YOUR FAULT ALONE. Fucking Tard.

Passionately Angry, yeah that’s me. It bothers me to see protests for things that people don’t really understand. It bothers me to see no one protesting things they do understand and do nothing about. If you are sick and tired of the way things are, then do something about it. Stand for something or fall for anything. Go to Jail for it. Be a hero. Do something for the good of humanity.

I’ve been reading and listening to Timothy Ferris’ The 4-Hour Workweek book and audio, and am impressed beyond belief at how simple he makes it sound. I really like the audio book best and the book as a reference companion. I usually take the audio with me to the gym and on the road when I am driving. It’s funny when I’m at the gym, and I start busting out laughing and all heads turn and I remember where I am. Oh yeah, I’m at the gym. It’s that funny.

I’m implementing a lot of what Ferris talks about in his book. From getting a VA(Virtual Assistant) to answering calls only at 2 time periods per day, to responding to emails only at 2 time periods per day too. I’m doing this to free up needed time to enjoy whats really important to me. My Daughter.

I don’t have a steady 9-5 job, I don’t want one and nor have I had one in over 5 years of being laid of from my last employer. I will never go back and work for “The Man” ever again. If I can help it, and I’ve done pretty good so far. I prefer to get up at 8am or earlier and have my tea, stretch and get a cheese danish from the local coffee shop. THEN come home, check email and start my days proceedings.

Which brings to mind another thought I had yesterday while standing on the corner trying not to get hit by all the mad people rushing to work, while putting mascara on in the mirror and trying to drive to make the almighty buck. Yeah that life just isn’t for me anymore. The mascara part I mean, no really the driving to work for a 9-5’er and being tied to someone else’ money making venture. I stood there and realized just how lucky, maybe not lucky but how good I have it.

I’m standing there, cheese danish in hand for my 8 weeks pregnant(Again 🙂 ) girlfriend, who is having the weird cravings thing, watching the line of frantic people driving off to work. Standing there wondering if I’m going to be able to cross the street, because no one is stopping to let me cross even though pedestrians have the right of way.

Yeah, I’ll continue to read the current book I’m reading, which I suggest you do as well, “The 4-Hour Workweek“, and think about what YOU are going to do to better this world, when you have the money to quit your job.

I know what I’m going to do. I’m going to stop in on Cody McKibben on my way to Angkor Wat someday if he’s still there when I get there. I’ll spend some time changing diapers at the orphanages and being grateful for what I have, help out where ever I can, then head off to see the jungle temples in Cambodia.

I give myself two years to make it.


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2 Responses to “Killing me with Kindness – For a Better World”
  1. Evan says:

    It’s possible to provide information for free on health and ‘self-development’ via blogs. It is possible to spread the word that this need not be expensive and that the most important factor for health once basic needs are met is our sense of agency (that we can influence what happens to us)

    It may be possible to make an income selling information that people can use to improve their lives (still finding this out).

    If it is possible it should be possible to make an income working only a few hours per week, and having time to do other worthwhile things.

    This is what I am doing.

    • Larry C. says:

      Hi Evan, thanks for the comment. I’ve been in teh IT biz for a few years and I am just really tired of it. The only time I get called is to fix things, and it’s usually dealing with mad or angry people. It really gets to me after 10 years of dealing with people who have nothing better to do than be angry. I’ve been distancing myself from the daily drugery and doing more and more automatic online stuff to make an income to eventually be able to travel and do the things I want instead of being chained down to a 9-5er.
      Have you read or listened to the 4 hour work week?
      Required Reading. 🙂

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