Popup Domination Review – An Honest One.


My brutally honest review of Popup Domination.

I hate Pop ups. I really do, I freaking hate them. Intrusive, in your face, every time you visit your favorite website, distracting and annoying. Period. But wait, this one is…different.

It’s elegant, it’s NOT in your face EVERYTIME you visit a website and did I say it looks good and is customizable? Well yeah that’s all well and good, but does it work at getting conversions?

I was migrating BlogcastFM from SlowDaddy to MediaTemple, and was looking around the backend(I know where Srini keeps his porn), when I noticed they were using Popup Domination, and looked at the interface.

Very nice looking robust interface for the backend, to customize the look and feel of the popup. I also noticed that this was the same popup thingy I have seen on many of my favorite blogs lately. It’s being passed around among all the groups of interlinked bloggers because they all say it’s good. Ok, well yeah and everyone has an affiliate link too huh? Yep.

I decided to give it a try because I’m now making enough cash flow from blogging that I can splurge a little here and there to buy these new “tools” and use them. I decided to put it on my one site that I get *MAYBE* 2-3 sign ups per Month. That site is www.rockabillylifestyle.com. This is one of my hobby sites, yet I am having trouble getting people to sign up for the email list. And we all know the money’s in the list, right?

I installed Popup Domination 3 days ago, Sunday night, and by now, Wednesday evening, I have had 16 sign ups to the email list. 16 in 3 days, where I used to only get maybe 2-3 a month! THIS THING SERIOUSLY WORKS! I am amazed at the number of signups to this site in the past 3 days, that I am going to be using it on almost all of my niche sites and blogs. You can bet on it.

The popup itself is a bit different than the others I have worked with, you can schedule this one, as to when it pops up, or how it is triggered to popup, such as on out-click or change page. This is nice as it isn’t intrusive or in your face everytime the person comes to your site, it leaves a cookie to check to see how long it’s been since they last visitied your site. This way you can schedule it to popup every 7 days for returning visitors.

It’s got I think like 7 templates to customize the look and feel and they give you the psd template files to create your own. They also include the stand alone version as well as the wordpress version, so you can use it on a static html site. Not bad for $77.

I’ll give you a little secret though, if you go there an then out-click and stay on the site they will give you a $10 discount on the cost of Popup Domination, but you didn’t hear that from me.

So if you are having a problem trying to get people to sign up to your email list, you should really give Popup Domination a shot, I am certain you will find your email list growing everyday. Really.

If you want to get Popup Domination, here’s my  Affiliate Link. ( I get a commission)

Thanks Srini for the turn on to Popup Domination.


Popup Domination Review

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2 Responses to “Popup Domination Review – An Honest One.”
  1. Evan says:

    I’d like to see if you track sales stats rather than just sign ups.

    I’d like to know how they re-do the pop-up thing.

    At the moment they are just rude and I won’t have them on my blog (however many sign ups the damn things get).

    • Larry Clark says:

      I’m not fond of popups either, but the money’s in the list, I’ve seen this. So getting now what is 26 signups since sunday I am happy with the investment. The thing about this popup, Evan is you can schedule it, or tell it when to popup such as on outclick, or to only popup every 30 days, or whenever, it’s totally customizable. I was totally against them too, I hated them, but seeing the conversion this popup is doing, I am stoked about it. You should at least check it out, it’s got a very robust backend, that you can totally customize the way it works, and a bunch of templates and they give you the psd files to make your own templates. It really is great. I’ll be sending out a newsletter soon to that list with an offer of a hairstyling book for sale, I’ll let you know how it goes.
      .-= Larry Clark´s last blog ..Popup Domination Review – An Honest One =-.

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