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I have been so damn busy lately with all the Desperate buyers and Lazy affiliate stuff I have been doing, I haven’t done a post in forever. I am doing a ton of work lately and hopefully in the next day or so I will go into it. I have however put up a site to sell Super Adsense WordPress Themes for a super low price of 9.97. Along with that I bundled up Jason Oickles “Adsense Secrets Unleashed”. This is the most complete eBook on Adsense I have ever seen and he said I could bundle it in with my Super Adsense Wordrpress Themes. Anyway the site is here:

and again the themes are going for $9.97 (cheap) and the Jason Oickle eBook “Adsense Secrets Unleashed” is free.

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One Response to “Super Adsense WordPress Themes”
  1. Fernando says:

    Hey man the super adsence themes page is not wokring. Let us know when it’s up or the correct URL for the page. Cheers!

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