What can a little old man teach us about making money online?


What can a little old man tell us about making money online?


The Little Old Man in the video is Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. The philosophy of the art is to use the opponents energy against the opponent. Another term for this is Economy of Motion, using as little energy as possible to execute the maximum results. The old man teaches how to use as little effort to over come huge obstacles or opponents. As you can see in the video the little guy is effortlessly overcoming one, two, four and five or more larger opponents, with what seems to be very little effort.

An internet marketer tends to want want to make money without having to be tied to his keyboard all day long. Otherwise known as Life hackers, so we can do other things in life that are more important. Like enjoying the day and smelling roses. Right?

In Internet marketing or making money online, we try to make things as easy as possible. To automate as much as possible, so we are NOT as much of the picture as possible. To outsource as much as we can, so we can live a life of as little work as possible and enjoy our time instead of working our lives away.

One such service I use for automating email lists and newsletters is Aweber Email Service. This service is an auto responder service and newsletter service that ensures out emails get delivered and not filtered out like spam. It’s called a double opt in email list, which means first the person must sign up for it, then they must also confirm that they want in. This way we know and they know for sure they are not going to be spammed.

Another such way of  automating is to have a product that sells itself and is delivered by itself, for example, an eBook. I use a service called e-Junkie to handle my sales transaction and then deliver the product for me so I don’t have to. People will go to my niche sites, click the buy now button, and it takes them to a page that e-Junkie is handling the payment with, they pay and when the transaction is complete, e-Junkie takes them to a download page and sends them a download link for later should they need it. Simple and all this for just $5 a month. What a Deal!

With several niche sites that have products that sell themselves, I can leave my house and go to the beach, take my daughter for a walk or whatever else I wish to do and not have a 9-5 ball and chain, I mean Job, that I am tied too. This is but one of the ways I earn an income which I am not directly involved with all day everyday of the week. It is self containing, automated and it is with economy of motion that I can set other things in motion, like more niche sites that self by themselves. A great place to learn about the automated selling machines is Niche Profit Classroom, for which I am a graduate of and am happy with the outcome of these little money makers.

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