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Yaro Starack is probably one of the most widely known bloggers on the planet. I personally kept running into his blog over and over again, when I was researching different IM strategies. Seems Yaro does a bit of interviewing of other IM’ers, and any time I googled a subject  I would find at least one reference to his blog.

Yaro has done well for himself and teaches people about blogging. Not HOW TO BLOG, but about blogging as a business and how to make a living from it. His site adn his posts and such are no nonsense and no hype. I LIKE THAT. Man finally someone who is not trying to sell me everythign adn then some, b ut someone who is honest, real and tells a straight story. You have got to check out his site: http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com, you will find a plethora of information there and you will also find me there as well.

I like to go there to find podcasts about different IM strategies and interviews with other people. A few of the IM strategies I follow I found through Yaros website. and I will probably find a few more. One strategy I found recently that iam checking out is Niche Profit Classroom. It’s a style of Niche marketing that I happen to agree with adn therefore follow, and I foudn it through a podcast from yaros website. If you have a chance to go there do it, you will be amazed at the amount of content and good information he has there. His podcasts are very informative and all the people he interviews are well spoken and knowledgeable. Not to mention a lot of them are “Gurus”. 🙂
His site again is: http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com

Tomorrow I will update you on my success with Niche Profit Classroom and Desperate Buyers Only.

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