3 Places Where I find possible Niches


magnifyingglassI am constantly on the go and since I have been in Internet Marketing and Niche Marketing, my brain thinks a little differently sometimes. When I come across something that is a possible need, my head starts to churn it around up there and think of possible niches or ways of using that as a money maker. Before I do anything else there are a few places I like to go when I have an idea that I want to investigate. A few of these places are:


  1. Google Keyword Search Tool – To see what sort of search numbers come up for that word or word phrase.
  2. Google Trends – I then punch it into Google trends to see what sort of trends are coming up with that word or word phrase
  3. If Google trends doesn’t turn anything up then I go to Google Insight, even if it does turn something up I still go to Google Insight anyway.
  4. Then I end up at just Google and do a search with quotes around the phrase to see how many results come up for that specific phrase. If the results are 10,000 or less, and the search results from the Keyword Tool are over 1,000  then I feel like IO may have a Possible Profitable Niche to exploit.


  1. Amazon.com – I Might go there with my possible niche to see if anyone is searching for that topic in the form of a book, if so I take note of that book.
  2. If I am not going to Amazon.com with a phrase or topic I will just go with the intention of looking at whats in the Best Selling Categories. This is another place to find hot new niches to possibly profit from.
  3. Most Gifted – a category on Amazon.com that is a good place to look as well as Most Wished
  4. I also like to search specific topics and look at the customer reviews, sometimes looking at the number of reviews will give me a heads up as to that being a hot topic for a niche market.


  1. Ebay – Whats selling and whats being looked for? Look at Ebay Pulse for possible niche ideas. Especially if you are a review writer or an eBook/eReport writer, this is the place to see whats hot and get topics for reviews and reports to sell.
  2. Ebays “Want It Now” – this is a place to go to find what people want RIGHT NOW. Another place to see and get ideas.

There’s plenty of places to go search right now with those three places. Anyone can take an idea or keyword, phrase adn search and find a niche that might be profitable. Beware though, don’t get caught up in the shiny things aisle. 🙂 I am always bad with that, getting caught up reading and not doing my writing. “Oohhh, shiny, pretty…..oh look at the time slip by….”

I hope this helps some of the newer readers of my Blog, and in case you want this list I have created a PDF version for download here


Larry C.

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