31 Days to build a better blog


Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Dramatically Better Blog… Guaranteed

At least that’s what Darren Rowse is saying, and I believe it. I had been following Darren for a little while, I bought and downloaded the workbook “31 days to build a better blog“. After purusing it for a few days I decided to go ahead and start the workbook exercises. Not only did I see a dramatic increase in traffic in the space of just a few days but I learned more about blogging than I ever knew before.

This was before I joined “Blog Mastermind“. Now BM is a much more robust program in which you are going for 6 months through a complete schooling on blogs, blogging, monetization and promotions, which is great but if you can’t afford $97 a month for 6 months, especially in this economy, I would suggest getting Darren’s 31DBB.

It’s ONLY 19.95

The eBook is ONLY 19.95 and it comes with a bonus podcast of Darren answering questions that people had submitted. It’s an exercise a day for 31 days and you can do it at your own pace. It will go through all the things a good blogger does in order to generate traffic, write sticky posts and have return readers. The next thing is how to monetize and make money. I mean if your going to blog yoy might as well make it worth your while, especially if you’re good at it, right?

Special Bonuses

Unfortunately, I didn’t post about the special bonus Darren just had with 31DBB, which was 3 bonuses, one a PDF report and 2 podcasts which 2 successful bloggers from the blogosphere, Neil Patel from quicksprout.com and Leo Babauta from Zenhabits.net

I really enjoyed both podcasts but they were both definitely on either side of the tracks as far as personality was concerned. Leo a more relaxed guy and very minimalistic in some of his approach, and Neil much more of a type A kinda go gettum business attitude. Not saying Leo is not,  they are just two totally different guys altogether. Which was really refreshing. I me I had been going through some bit of burnout lately and listening to the two of them really got me pumped up and back at it again.

Hearing the business minded Neil and then listening to the relaxed attitude of Leo, helped get me back on track and realized I need to stop being a perfectionist. I feel thatif you are trying to be a perfectionist, you are setting yourself up for FAILURE. Why you ask? Because it will NEVER be perfect in teh eyes of a perfectionist, and since this is the case you will FAIL.

I know, it still doesn’t stop me from being a perfectionist, but at least I can try and MAKE PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION.


As David Risley says; “Don’t worry be crappy”, just know when good, is good enough.

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