Speech Recognition for Bloggers – The Ultimate Guide


I’m subscribed to Copyblogger as should all of you be, and I got the post for the day and it talks about speech recognition software. I’ve been “playing” around with speech recognition for a little while, but only getting frustrated with it as it works half the time if that. I watched the video at the second link that Copyblogger listed which is at Problogger. Leave it to a guy in a wheelchair to come up with the Ultimate Guide to Speech Recognition. Certainly he needed it, but he took his disability and used it to his advantage and came up with Speech Recognition for Bloggers: The Ultimate Guide

I give major kudos to Jon Morrow for not only overcoming what most people who just succumb too, but to overcome and move past his disability and become an integral and hard to replace member of one of the best blog teams on the net. I myself am glad to have watched this video because I was getting ready to trash the software and mic, but now I think I can make this work for me.

Check out the video and come back and give me a comment or two. See what you think from this guy in a wheelchair…


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