One of my Niche Sites – Disclosure.


money-target-iconI run a few niche sites that I sell eBooks on, and I thought I would disclose on of my sites for people to see and understand how I make money from them. These sites that I run are called Niche Sites, and How I make money from them is simple.

  1. I produce an eBook for the site
  2. I write articles about the specific niche I am targeting
  3. I people to sign up for a mini tutorial sent through email to help bring people back to my site
  4. I choose keywords that are high traffic, low competition and low search results
  5. I built a website and place the eBook on it for sale
  6. I include some articles on the site for people to read and to get their interest growing so they want to buy the eBook
  7. I use article marketing with article directories to drive traffic to my site
  8. Once it’s set up and running, it’s low maintenance, I just let it generate money for me and I do very little once it’s running.

This is a nice little way of having passive residual income coming in.

In the short future I intend on starting a membersite where I give out 2 premade sites a month, which includes articles, eBook, and an eCourse for email. Relatively low priced membership that will have all you need to make your own Niche Site. You can see one of my sites here.

Download the articles, mini tutorial and eBook for one of my sites Here.

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