Ten Things I Learned on the Journey of Self Discovery Through Blogging


In blogging for the past year, on and off, building my dating sites and niche sites, I have come to several realizations about myself.

  1. I can’t blog or work on a niche site that I have absolutely no passion for. It becomes boring to the point that it causes me anxiety and I make distractions in order to avoid, the boring. Then I get anxious about wasting time and not doing anything productive.
  2. I am easily distracted, even on medication for ADHD, I am still easily distracted, “Ooh shiny…”, I stay focused by NOT browsing the Internet when I am trying* to work, and write.
  3. Getting it done doesn’t mean thinking about it more, getting it done means just that, doing it and getting it done.
  4. Sometimes I spread myself too thin. When I do that, I know it’s time to sell a website or two to make more room for bigger, more profitable ventures. (Clearing my plate for desert.)
  5. I’ve discovered more about myself, the things I am passionate about and the things I stand or will stand for, and things I won’t stand for. I know I won’t stand for mediocrity, although sometimes I catch myself pushing the publish button, when I shouldn’t. I am still learning.
  6. I’m still learning. I already said that but am saying it again.
  7. I shouldn’t compare myself to others who make more than me in this industry, nor should I base my success or failure on their successes and failures. I am a completely different person, and therefore I am not them.
  8. From failure comes success. From success comes knowing many ways that something will not work.
  9. Like religion, failure, is only one road to a common destination. The roads are many and varied, pick one,and stick with it.
  10. Fail Spectacularly. It takes nothing short of an atomic blast to create change or to do something differently. If you fail in a mediocre way, then so will your change be mediocre, and your end result will also be mediocre. So if you intend on being grandly successful, then fail spectacularly, so you can succeed in a spectacular way.

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One Response to “Ten Things I Learned on the Journey of Self Discovery Through Blogging”
  1. Julius says:

    I can relate with your 4th point (spreading yourself to thin). I find the 10th point interesting, and I’ll keep that in mind when I see that I’m about to fail. 🙂
    .-= Julius´s last blog ..How Do Blind People Tell the Time =-.

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